Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh No!!! Sharknado?

Sarah was to fly in on Tuesday from Daytona. But.... her plane engine wouldn't start.. now that is pretty important so she had to spend another night and come in one Wednesday. Drake was leaving Wednesday. So he left from Panama to Atlanta to Columbus. Her plane went from Daytona to Atlanta to Panama. Confused yet? I was. I had flight numbers and gate numbers swirling through my head. The table in the condo was like a mini control  central. I had their flights up, info written down. was texting them their gates.. it was stressful time for ole' mama.  Anyways, she text me and told me they didn't have a gate to go into at Atlanta. I looked and Drake had just taken off  minutes before that. they missed each other by minutes.  .
So let's back up. On Tuesday Drake, Josie and I were out pretty far in the water. We teamed up with two boys from out hotel and made numbers. I am all about swimming in groups. Not really for safety but for the numbers. Anytime I went out I made sure I was heading towards the groups. groups make me feel better. So Maybe Wednesday night we saw these guys swimming around. Right where we had swam the day before. Kind of unnerving. but whatever. .. ok.
 Then Thursday morning I get up and the girls are down at the beach. And finally Greg says "we saw fins" What?!!! So he shows me the pictures. OMG. I was just out there on Tuesday swimming around with just a little bit of care in the world.
 So I instantly look up shark and dolphin fins. ..ummm. this guy below has some curvature to it like a dolphin but not really enough for my likes.   Everyone said it was a dolphin. ..ok I guess I will go with that.
 I just want to say. Baxter had a complete melt down when we got home. He has always kind of been mouthy when we come back but this was crazy. As long as Greg and I were in the same room he would lay down. but if I got up he would follow me screaming with meows.. I went up stairs and he did that long deep meow like he was calling me. So now that I try to type this he is lying half on my keyboard. with his whole back against my left arm. He missed us so much. I will try to get a picture. I will try to add that to a post. He is crazy. Greg thinks he had a anxiety attack.
So this is Sharknado day, they didn't hit the water much. I went out a bit but was pretty nervous.
More stories to come.. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I would so have loved to have been there with you. I think the bottom pic is a dolphin, but I gotta say I'm not to sure about the one above it. Looks a little sharky to me!


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