Sunday, July 6, 2014

Breakfast Sausage Brunch Dip

I kind of stole this recipe from The Pioneer Woman, Queso Fundido but put my own spin on it.
 I started with Mild Country Sausage. Let me say I always buy Bob Evans, but the Tennessee Pride was just as good. I browned it in a skillet and drained.
 I cut up a bit of Vidalia onion, green onions, tomato and bell peppers. I love these bag of peppers, they are so cheap, like $1.89 a bag. So easy, Cut off the top, reach in with finger and thumb and pull the seeds out. So easy.
 The I took the pizza cutter to some cilantro. The above pictures looks like it's all smushed together. Well, it is. I roll it up in paper towel and then put in a Ziploc with all air removed. I think it lasts longer when I do that. So in above pic I didn't fluff it for pic cause I don't want the oxygen to get to it. I pull out a few pieces and put it back in the back.
 I grabby whatever bags of open cheese I had. I am a cheese junky. I have 5-6 different open bags and probably 10 unopened bags. I am in a panic when I don't have cheese and sour cream. I can almost live without eggs but cheese..NO!!!!
 So then I threw the sausage back in the skillet on low heat, cracked a few eggs and added cheese.
 Now Ree would put the tomato, peppers, onion, cilantro etc in the skillet and let  it all bubble together but I knew no one in the house would eat it so I left it as meat, cheese and eggs. Everyone could put what veggies on top. Then dip with tortilla chips, roll up in a soft tortilla or however you choose. I think for me it's a keeper. Not sure if the family agreed but it's an option. The family is not picky but some things they don't think is as mouth watering as I do. Speaking of.. I smell my ribs I have cooking in the oven for dinner.. Stay tuned ..
Thanks for visiting. Do you have a variation of this recipe you like? Will you throw this together one morning? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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