Monday, June 30, 2014

Panama City Beach, Florida 2014

 I'm pretty good at remember what day I took what pictures but this vacation was not like that. I didn't take gobs of pics. I wanted to relax and not worry about documenting our visit. Everyone (the family) was like that who needs pics.. just do it.. so I did. See the backpack behind Josie's chair. That is all Drake brought with him. Laptop, movies, clothes, flip flops. done.. No I had to bring, the biggest suitcase I had, plus a bag for this, and bag for that. too much crap.
 The water really appeared more aqua in person. In all my pictures it looks a little green. Even that last two days when it was a little mossy it was still clear. The sand never got too hot. the water was never too cold. it was perfect.
 Drake and Josie playing ball in the water.
 The pier right next to our hotel. Drake walked down there the first morning and said they charged to go out.
 The beach goers.. during a storm.. which created a tornado in the town of Panama City.
 This may have been the tornado cloud. Not sure but probably.
Their camp the first day. We took this from the 11th floor. We stayed at the Sterling Reef Resort, room 1106. It was very clean, (not when we left) . 2 bedroom, 2 bath ..and Drake said the pullout couch was so comfy. Plenty of room. good overall. The pool wasn't that big and fancy but it worked. We went down the first night and then one other day. It was perfect.

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