Thursday, September 29, 2011

Motocross with my boy

Being the good race mom I am I escorted Drake to ride his dirtbike. We were cruising down the road listening to some horrible music booming in his truck. I went along with it and then on the ride home I put my music on.. He was thrilled. My baby boy jumping a not so big jump.. it still scares me everytime he jumps.

He was tweaking his bike a bit..

His new helmet and goggles to save his noggin.

Austin was sporting a new "press on" tattoo.

Drake got roosted by Egan.. That's when dirt, roots, rocks and other junk come up and hit you. His lip was bleeding too.

The boys were practicing their starts. Drake has trouble in every race with his start.

Egan threw his goggles on my head. nice.

Another jump..weeeeeee

Drake watching the boys. I think someone went down for a dirt sample.

Here he is about 20 feet in the air. It doesn't look like it but it's a big jump.

I love motocross.. If I could I would build a big track and live there taking pictures. If you want to view more.. go to my website.

8932 and this is Baxter typing...

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  1. I know kids don't like us to say it, but he's really growing up!


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