Thursday, September 29, 2011

Four O'clock Foto~Breakfast

Drake was riding Sunday morning and I was going with him. His father and I prefer to be there incase something happens. He has only rode a few times without us..Maybe 2 times. I was busy loading pics and getting ready to leave when my man made me this sandwich. We were at another Kroger in the area and I grabbed Aunt Millie's sub buns. When I got home I found they were her Hawaiian buns. They are tasting but not sure for steak hoagies. So we have been trying to eat them up. It was very tasty.. especially since I didn't make it. Eggs, Bacon and cheese. SwEEET!!!and then the glass. I bought these Christmas glasses years ago. We only have one left. For some reason when I drink orange juice I always use this glass. Crazy me. Well monster 3 just got off the bus.. and monster 1 is bringing a friend home from college with her. They are going to decorate a cooler for a frat formal in Hilton Head.. Gotta run.

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