Friday, August 26, 2011

HUH? Snap Light

Greg, Drake and his friend Austin were talking about my new idea for them to have a blog when a commercial came on. All attention was focused on the TV. It was for Snap Lights The boys were making fun of suggestions for the use of Snap Lights when Greg said.

"Snap light on your (private area) for taking a leak in the middle of the night."

Do you see what I have to work with here...?

So after making fun of the commercial Drake and Austin headed off to work on their trucks. I gave Drake a call later to check in with him and he said. " Hey mom, I gotta call you back, I'm using my phone/flashlight." I guess to see into a small dark park of a truck. I don't know what they were doing.

Anywho.. I sent him a text and said:

Guess you could use a SNAP LIGHT..


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