Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Outdoors

 We ran down to Watson's Pool and Spa for some pool equipment and while Greg was in back getting the parts Josie and I shopped the showroom. I didn't even dare look at the price of the patio sofa. We really wouldn't have room for this nor would I even put this outside it's so pretty.
  Every table was set for a wonder dining experience. I love these faux alligator charges in PURpLE... There were a few table settings that I would have loved to take home.

 Ok, so we see this fire place at Watson's. I like it, it would do. Kind of cool but not for 5K..
 So our next stop is at Home Depot. Here they had this model of fireplace.. I little better on the price. All we need is the fire box.. I can figure out the design on my own. The fire box is 700.00 I can do this.. Maybe...!!
 Then there's the girls.. Emma with her floppy ear, she can't handle the heat and Macy Claire.. she has  claimed to be a farm girl this year and spend most of her time rolling in stinky spots in the yards. Oh, yeah us..

 I found these oil lanterns at Odd Lots for $8.00  I love them. I got 2 for the patio table.
I bought several different herbs this year. Everyone is doing fine except my cilantro.. which happens to be the herb I use most.. go figure.
 Do you remember Skeeter Patrol my Kentucky Wildcat.. He was relaxing on the porch, actually that door mat was wet from rain but he seemed to enjoy it..

And then there was grill construction.. He got to this spot in the process when I told him that the kitchen sink was leaking.. grill went on hold. It really will be a miracle if it ever gets put together.
 Another Skeeter Patrol

The clouds were awesome tonight. I would have been worried it was facing the other way.
Thanks for visiting.. come back soon. ...

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  1. I love that oil lamp. May have to go get me one. :)

    Are the herbs hard to grow. I've thought about getting some.


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