Monday, May 6, 2013

My day

All day, every day I live with unexplained bone pain. By bed time last night it was getting pretty bad.  All night I tossed and turned with terrible pains in my arms and legs. Today I tried to do some crafting but just can't come up with I hurt too bad to try.  So... I found my self a spot in my big comfy craft chair and put my feet up. Well I should clarify that I didn't sit in my chair all day. I cleaned our bathroom, put clothes away, did 3 loads of laundry and made this awesome mushroom dish. (photo on the left) my pinterest boards. A made a short minute video about this. You can watch it here:

Then I made dinner. I made Greg a Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Ranch dressing and I made me a veggie pizza with spinach, mushrooms, fire roasted tomatoes and onion. Yummo!!! Oh, and a made dessert. I will call it frozen berry cake. OMG.. so good and so.. so E A S Y!!! I can't believe I have never heard of this before. ..

Josie came home with her midterm.. very impressive...
 Way to go Jos!!!

But on top of that I did nothing, especially any crafts. I did however surf and found some new gals I will stalk for a while and scraplift some of their ideas.  "SCRAPlift" is a new word I heard the other day and I am going to use it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my homemade pizzas..
Thank you so much for watching

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