Friday, March 29, 2013

My Weekend

Race Across America
This past weekend we hosted a cyclist from Austria. Christoph Strasser is a 30 year old racer in the Race Across America. Every June cyclist from all over the world travel to Oceanside, California to start a 8 to 12 day journey across the United States. Some do it alone as a solo, other do it on a 2, 4, 8 person team. Christoph raced in 2009 and had to stop at the half way point due to pneumonia. He sat out 2010 and then came back in 2011 to win as a solo. In 2012 he came in 2nd.

Christoph and his cousin Michael traveled from Austria on Friday and stayed with us til Monday. He came over to train in "warmer" weather.. But as the date got closer the forecast got worse. Saturday and Sunday our weather matched their weather. Next year he will have to come a bit later in Spring.

Here is a little clip of Michael and I crewing for him. Enjoy!! Listen to this story told by Michael.. wow what an adventure to be out on a bike or behind in a veh. I had so much fun.

Have you ever heard of the race? Would you like to get involved?

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