Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can you guess? Answer

The Answer~ Our Christmas TreeDrake constructing his Christmas Village.
Oh..he loves loves loves the camera

Monster 3 and Miss Emma Sue in her new "I Love Santa" dress

GG hard at work on light perfection.

Ok...test here.. do you see the difference between this pic below and the one below it.... do you see it?

Answer below...

This year I got bows on every present EXCEPT the last 4.. that I wrapped Christmas EVE...

One~ I was out of the right color... Two~ I figured why waste it..they would betore apart in the morning anyway...

This tag,,which you can see real good was one I made.. Yes, in my craft room... I loved having all mywrappingstuff in my craft room.. I didn't have to drag it to the living room. I had a big table and plenty of room. I loved it.

Okay theother answer.. The lights changed color.. We or GG bought new LED lights that could be white or colored or flip between white and colored.. how fancy.. it solved the annual Christmas lightarguement..whether to have white or color..nowwe have both and everyone is happy..EXCEPT... Idon't care for the LED, theywere too weird looking and didn't give theroom that warm, Christmas feeling.. But we lived..after all...Christmas is now about lights, bows, tags orhowmany presents we get..

Til Next Year.. Enjoy.. and thanks for visiting.. (CAthy~my one and only Supporter)..

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  1. You tree is always so pretty and yes, it took me a minute, but I did figure out the difference between the 2 pictures. Love the dog in her Santa suit, but can't you buy that poor girl some jeans with holes in them. hahaha Just kidding.


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