Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday Dance Club

Monster 3 had a little different birthday party this year..

This year she had


This year we had a dance, disco, party.. No sleepover..Everyone and let me say EVERYONE was invited to come from 7-11. Thank goodness for another party and a basketball game the same night sooooo.. not everyone could show up..Which turned out to be perfect. I made her some bling. Which she never did wear.. I think everyoneelse woreit but last timeI saw it,it was hanging onher door.. Oh and again space bar is sticking.
Drake and his friends wererecruited to keepthings under control. So I made them some bling too.

Drake hooked up 2...

let me say


loud subwoofers to the surround sound and the whole house was jumping. We strung Christmas lights across the ceiling and we were ready to go.

We served CANDY.. chips, pop, cake and ice cream.. then we sent everyone home.

The boys were getting their orders from me and making their plan.

Cousin D was in his suit ready to bounce.

AB wearing Monster 3's bling and Mr. E giving a big thumbs up.

Drake was trying to makea heart with his fingers..

GG and animals

Ok..the boys in their uniforms.. they raided Monster 3's drawers for tanks (notice--Mr E's Peace, Love and Hooters...) AB had some gold wing fairy tank.. he lovedit....and found a Santa Hat, I found aold Cowboy hat in my closet, AB has my eye mask on..

showing some Motocross muscles

Then they started toarrive.. 3 boys..1 boy cousin and 8 girls..perfect.

The bouncer had left.. Drake, Mr E and AB taking a break from their couple counciling,dj, hand checker, dance instructor and overall event social planner of the Lito deck..

poor things.. I had to teach the the Y-M-C-A.. didn't they learn this in like 2nd grade..

Monster 3 and her friends at cake time.. Friend found the glow sticks I gotfor everyone, Mr E's bling and the wacky Glasses it bought them at the dollar store..

They all agreed they had a blast and might doit again..

Success... another birthday down the tubes with great results...

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