Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trikes, Tats and Life Vest???

On the other side of town the boys made their presence known.

This is where my son is like his father. ..

We had dropped the girls off and grabbed a $2.00 burrito from Chipotle when Drake called and said they were going into town. Oh, NOOOOO!!

When I saw the trikes coming up the street I knew we were in for a treat.

I jumped out of the car and squealed..You got tramp stamps...

Drake in the winter hat.. Cody C in the ball hat.What kind of freaks?

Austin and Egan didn't want to play the underwear thing.

Drake explained that once you got numb it didn't matter anymore. NICE!!

They would not hold still for pics. In circles they go.

I know they are 17 years old but I let them have fun while they can. In a few years they will be at school, working and too tired to carry on like this..

or least I hope.

Trikes, Tats and Life Vests.. Another memorable year.

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