Sunday, October 30, 2011

New view

For years I have blogged from our den or G's office downstairs in the front of the house. This last week I moved up...

Oh let me break out in song..

or more like Drake's bedroom in the back of the house.

He moved to our "green" room in the basement,

which was my craft room.

I never went down there cause it was in the back of the basement,

dark, no windows, out of the loop.

Which at 17 is exactly what a boy wants.

Now I have two big windows to look out of and watch the snow fall, the rain drop and the sun shine.

So I have been working on this room. I have everything organized. I have no intentions of re-doing it, buying new furniture or anything fancy but it's still mine and everything I do is in this ONE room.

I used to see some craft on the web..

run to the craft room,

drag it to the kitchen or dining room

where it would set for a bit til I took it back downstairs.

Now I find a craft. Turn around to my work table, grab what I need and done. I will try to get some pics. I do want to paint the room first considering Drake had dark mustard brown walls with skateboard symbols all over. I want to girl it up a little bit. I can't wait to have a place to wrap christmas presents and keep the mess out of the rest of the house.

G also has his room back and I can just shut the door and not see his mess..... I mean organized files..

Well, I have to run.. I smell my soup beans cooking.. time to make some sweet corn bread.

Leave me a comment and let me know where you blog, craft, sew, or just hang out. Also, any organizing tips for craft stuff..

Thanks for visiting.

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