Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hilton Head Formal

Monster 1 came home from college to work on a project. But before anything could be done she ate dinner and then more dinner and a snack and a drink and some candy and another snack..I guess she really is a starving college student. Then for this project we busted out the paints. The paint box that had been used and used and never straightened up for a long long time.

I sorted the paints to see when colors we had and what was needed. I know some of these paints are 20 years old.. By the end of the night I had thrown a bunch out. Well her project was to paint a cooler for her college formal in Hilton Head. I came up with this boat idea using the fraternity letters, ATO. When she called me about this project a bell rang in my head and went searching. I found it. Lisa over at Odom Party of Five had blogged about this last year.

While hard at work making the top look like sand for a treasure map she was doing homework, eating, on FB, listening too music, texting and scanning through her year book from last year.

This is a night scape of water and the sky..Don't you see it?And then the Corona bottle light house..

I had fun. I stayed up til 3 am helping her. She didn't get it completely done but girls at her soroity are going to help her with the rest.. I don't know if they will get it done or not. And as Lisa said.. wonder what college boys need a cooler for? hmmm... A lot of Corona with lime (of course)

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