Monday, September 26, 2011

Baxter the Bean

Baxter was found lounging on top of a cooler we had in the kitchen. It is race season so every weekend the cooler gets used. I unload it, clean it and set it next to the door. Rinse and Repeat.. every weekend. Baxter thought he'd hold it down for a bit. I could do a whole blog on his odd location for daily cat nap. As I type he is lying here with his head on my arm and paw on my hand...He's a touchy feely kind of cat. He would prefer to have all 4 paws touching. Oh he just moved right paw to touch me.. If I set here long enough he will swing his back legs around so they can touch too. hang on.. I will try to get a Tune in another day to see the outcome. He's a very tired old man.. He has been teaching Skeeter how to become a Jedi at night. I love my little man..he's is such a love bug.

Thanks for visiting.. come back soon!!!!

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