Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HUH? Thongs

Let me get this out of the way. Who used to call FLIP FLOPS THongs? I know you did... I did.. you can tell me..

On to my post.

Macy Claire our Australian Terrier loves to chew flip flops. Well only certain flip flops. Any OLD Navy flip flop belonging to Monster 3 is hers for the chewing. I don't know why. We keep telling #3 she needs to clean her feet.. She doesn't think that is too funny.

The other night when I went to bed there were 4 boys at the house. When I woke up there were 5 pairs of shoes in the entryway. Hm.mmm? I guess I acquired another one during the night. The boys got up and 4 came tromping down the stairs. I asked Drake who the flip flops belonged to. He said they were his old ones and someone had been wearing them. I then told him that Macy had her turn at them. He wasn't bothered by this and went on.

Later that day he was ragging on Austin for wearing these beach sandals that were too big for him and looked like they were 20 years old. He said here, you can have these. Austin said he didn't want them cause Macy had chewed them.

In the most sincere voice ever Drake said,
----No No, they are barely chewed. ----

Like, even chewed they are okay and you can have them. I will give them to you good ole' friend..

I took the shoes, threw them in the pile, and Austin went on with his 20 year old grandpa looking sandals.

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  1. We always called them thongs! That's about the only shoes my Kerri wears. It doesn't matter what she's wearing...a dressy dress, shorts, jeans & sweat shirt...she still has on her thongs (flip flops). I don't know what she's going to do when it starts snowing. lol


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